Squash Some Hippies

Those pesky Occupy Wall Street protesters are ruining your perfect view of the park below and cramping your greedy style. Clear them out before the crowd turns your office building into a Ken & Gerri's Ice Cream Shop. Watch your stock increase when you throw office items out the window to deter them or use your earned dividends to negotiate and lure them out. You decide. Either way, those yoga lovin' hippies have it coming to them. How could 99% possibly be right?

Pre-release bonus levels

For less than a buck you can join an exclusive group of users that will gain access to an exclusive version of Clear the Park that unlocks levels and items that can be tossed from your office window (including a few celebrities).

Simply purchase the pre-release level pack to receive an emailed code.

Download the regular version for $0.99 from the App Store on release day and enter your code to unlock your exclusive version! Limited time offer.

Order a pre-release bonus level pack that unlocks exclusive levels and items!


Coming November...

free! create your own occupy protest pix

'cause we all have something to be angry about!

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True to our methodology, app developers Brad & Jerry created Spur of the Moment Games during a late night cram session. Injecting levity by allowing users to 'play the headlines', we aim to release fresh titles within days of breaking news creating a style of games we call NewsPlay. With an extensive background in web-apps, mobile apps, sarcasm and sleepless nights, we're ready to occupy your mobile devices.